Legal Experts: EU Powerless To Stop UK-USA Trade Deal

The European Union is powerless to stop Britain starting to strike up new relationships around the world, top European law academics have said days before Britain’s trade talks with the United States are due to begin. Britain’s Secretary of State for International Trade Dr Liam Fox made the announcement that a British delegation would be meeting with their United States counterparts from the 24th of July on live television last month. But left wing commentators including British news publications were quick to point out that European Union rules prohibit the United Kingdom from conducting trade talks with external nations while the country is still an EU member state. Yet new comments by academics including Cambridge Professor of European Union Law Catherine Barnard suggest that not only could Britain forge ahead with negotiations, but Brussels would be in no position to do anything about it. Speaking to the BBC’s Today Programme Saturday, Professor Barnard responded to separate comments by a fellow law academic, Professor David Collins of City University. In his remarks, Professor Collins said: “The actual fact is, there’s nothing in the European Treaties that do ban the negotiation of free trade agreements. “I can tell you what is legal, negotiating and signing a trade
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Telegraph: Top UK University to Swap Portraits of Bearded White Scholars with Wall of Diversity

white men
The Daily Telegraph reports King’s College London, ranked one of the best universities in the world, is to remove statues and pictures of key figures involved in the establishment of the institutions that make up the college and replace them with more “diverse” images instead. The Telegraph reports: King’s College London is to swap portraits of some of its founding fathers with a “wall of diversity” amid pressure from students, a dean says. The plans to move portraits of former faculty staff from the main entrance wall and replace them with more BME scholars are being implemented by the world famous Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, following concern among academics that the current classroom environment is too “intimidating” for ethnic minorities. The proposals were unveiled by Professor Patrick Leman, the Institute’s dean of education, who said that the faculty should not just be filled with “busts of 1920s bearded men” but rather more modern, diverse scholars so that the Institute feels less “alienating”. Read more at the Daily Telegraph
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