Howard Dean: Trump ‘Has No Moral Character,’ America May Be Turning Away From the GOP

Saturday on MSNBC, former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean claimed President Donald Trump “has no moral character.” “I think Mitt Romney came out of that dinner looking pretty terrible,” Dean told host Joy Reid. “The lesson is don’t be with Donald Trump if you don’t want somewhere down the line to look bad. This guy is a guy who has no moral character.” The former Vermont governor also said he can see America turning away from the Republican Party after seeing the Charlottesville protests, reasoning that the Republican Party is becoming a party for racists while the Democratic Party is for “change.” “I think this may be the moment that turns America away from the Republican Party which, frankly, long before Donald Trump, was dog whistling race, gay rights, immigrants and Muslims.” Follow Trent Baker on Twitter @MagnifiTrent
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Gutfeld: Scarborough Leaving GOP ‘An Enema’ – ‘Trump’s Victory Owes a Lot to Joe’ Indulging Him

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” FNC host Greg Gutfeld characterized former Congressman Joe Scarborough’s departure from the Republican Party as more of an enema than an exit and stated that Scarborough was a large part of President Trump’s victory. Gutfeld began by jokingly characterizing a clip of a group of fans celebrating as reaction to Scarborough’s announcement from around the world. Gutfeld also showed a lion yawning as the GOP’s reaction to “Morning Joke” and “weird Matt Perry” Scarborough leaving the GOP. He continued, “Joe calls it an exit, but for Republicans, it’s really an enema. Talk about draining the swamp. This guy was so inside, he sneezes pollywogs. He played both sides like a teenager with his favorite record, but thankfully, not Joe’s.” Gutfeld then showed a clip Scarborough’s musical performance on Tuesday’s “Late Show.” Gutfeld remarked of the performance, “Oh man, is that awkward or what? He seems to be the only one there enjoying the song. The poor band’s just waiting for the check to clear.” Gutfeld then stated, “But it shows that, for Joe, all decisions are driven by a need for attention. He chases the spotlight till it dims, and then, he
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