John Bolton: Trump ‘in the Right Place’ on North Korea, but State Dept. Continues 25 Years of Failed Policy

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump
On Friday’s Breitbart News Daily, former U.N. ambassador John Bolton talked about the death of American student Otto Warmbier, recently released from more than a year of captivity in North Korea, most of which he spent in a coma. He also discussed what Warmbier’s death means for America’s North Korea policy moving forward. Bolton then looked at the one-year anniversary of the Brexit vote and U.S. policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
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Brokaw: GOP Organized, Moving Forward But Some Views Not in the ‘Best Interests’ of the Country

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” former NBC “Nightly News” anchor Tom Brokaw acknowledged the Republican Party has been on a “roll” winning elections lately, he said he believed some of their views were not in the “best interests” of the country. Brokaw said, “Democrats are still playing by the old rules in my judgment. They’re not raising the people who we ought to be hearing from. Two easy examples for me: when Hillary Clinton was running, she took Bernie Sanders’ idea and said, ‘I’m going to give free college to families with $125,000 or less.’ There is no free lunch. At the end of the four years that you get a college education, you owe your country two years of public service. You go into civilian uniforms, and you help people who are in military uniforms in some fashion.” “There are government regulations out there,” he continued. “Look, I lived a lot of my life in the American west. There are regulations there that have no application to the practicality of living out there and doing your business out there. There was no discussion about that whatsoever. On the other hand, Republicans are on a roll. They’re very corporate in
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Paul: Insurance Should Be Available for $1 a Day — Current Plan Predicated on ‘Propping Up’ Insurance Companies

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) made the argument that those who might lose their Medicaid coverage due to any Obamacare repeal should be offered an inexpensive option for coverage. Paul proposed a $1 a day plan and said the existing system and the current proposals were “predicated” on propping up health insurance providers, which he claimed was $15 billion annual industry that benefits from socializing its losses. “What I would like to do is legalize inexpensive insurance and you should be able to get insurance for $1 a day — I mean, you really should,” Paul said. “The insurance companies make all the money. All of this is predicated upon still, you know, propping up the insurance companies. The insurance companies hate the idea of the buying pools where you can join an association and drive prices down. They absolutely hate it because they think it might eat into their profit. They love sort of privatizing their $15 billion-a-year profit but then socializing their losses in the individual market. I have absolutely no sympathy for the insurance companies to be bailed out by the taxpayer. That $15 billion in profit, that’s where the risk should come
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