ACU’s Schlapp: Hillary Was Obama’s Secretary of State — She Owns the Last Seven Years

Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” former CNN and Al Jazeera regular Ali Velshi and the chairman of the American Conservative Union and former White House political director for George W. Bush Matt Schlapp debated presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s trade policy and ISIS strategy on comparison to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s proposals. Schlapp said of Hillary Clinton, “I don’t know how she tells the American people that she has a strategy on radical Islamic terrorism, because she was President Obama secretary of state. She owns the last seven years.” Partial transcript as follows: SCHLAPP:  Look, poll after poll, including the poll that shows him trailing Hillary Clinton the most, shows him on the question of will he have the leadership to destroy ISIS, he has the most commanding lead over Hillary Clinton. There is something about the guy where he connects to voters on the fact that they feel, I think this is true in America today, they feel we lack leadership, a true understanding of what’s going on in the war against Islamic terror. CUOMO: Trump says, I’ll be Strong is that enough? VELSHI: The generalities make him seem strong, but again, as you just talked to