Andrea Mitchell: Lynch-Clinton Meeting Creating ‘Conspiracy Theories’ That Bill Is Lobbying To Acquit Hillary

On Thurday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” host Andrea Mitchell stated that the meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton “has led to a lot of conspiracy theories that, even before Hillary Clinton has been interviewed by the FBI, to our knowledge, that somehow this is Bill Clinton talking to Loretta Lynch about clearing Hillary Clinton of the email investigation.” Mitchell said, “[A]s though there weren’t enough conspiracy theories out there already…former President Bill Clinton was in Arizona flying on a private jet, private airport, so was Loretta Lynch, the Attorney general, she flies on a small government plane, they both have Secret Service security details, and it is, we are told, traditional, that when Bill Clinton knows that a cabinet secretary or another protectee like [Sen.] Ted Cruz (R-TX) during the campaign is in the area, he’ll say ‘Oh let me say hello.’ Because the Secret Service details talk to each other and say another unit is about to arrive. So he did say hello to Loretta Lynch, met with her for about 30 minutes, she said it was completely social, they talked about grandchildren, but this has led to a lot of conspiracy theories that, even