Assange: We’ve Released ‘Thousands’ of Cables Where Clinton Uses Marking She Claimed She Didn’t Know Meant Confidential

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange stated WikiLeaks has released “Thousands of examples, where she, herself, has used a c in brackets, and signed it off, and more than 22,000 times that she has received cables from others with this c in brackets. So, it’s absolutely incredible for Clinton to lie. She is lying about not knowing what that is,” and that “an important part of civil liberties is respect for the First Amendment and the rule of law, and that has broken down under the Obama administration, and Hillary Clinton was part of that process.” Assanged said, “In the FBI report released Friday, I agree with your analysis, it is very strange that was released Friday afternoon on a labor weekend. I do think it draws questions to what sort of game the FBI is trying to play. But, there is, Hillary Clinton says that she can’t remember what a c in brackets stands for. Everyone in positions of government, and in WikiLeaks knows it stands for classified, confidential. And in fact, we have already released thousands of cables by Hillary Clinton…with a c in bracket right there. Thousands of examples, where