Bernstein: Hillary Should ‘Release Her Medical Records’ and Talk To Press About Health, Trump Is Worse Than Hillary

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” journalist, author, and CNN Political Commentator Carl Bernstein argued that while there is a strong “disparity” between Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump that favors Clinton, she should “release her medical records, and spend an hour with the press talking about her health, that she also release those texts of the speeches before Goldman Sachs, say, as she did about foreign policy, and her vote on the war, I’ve learned from my mistakes, the American people want me to be more open.” Bernstein said there is a “disparity between the two in terms of seriousness, experience, and even truth telling. Trump lies pathologically, no question Hillary Clinton, as I say in my book, has had a difficult relationship to the truth, but it’s much more situational lying. It’s nothing admirable, but it’s quite different than Trump’s record, lying about how he felt about the war, and going to war. This goes on and on. He needs to be called on it.” He added that the release of Clinton’s email exchange with former Secretary of State Colin Powell, “helps her, because she indeed has said,