Best of #HidingHillary: How the American People Forced Hillary Clinton to Hold a Press Conference

Brian Snyder/Reuters
After 278 days, #HidingHillary has finally been forced to take unscripted questions from the media during a press conference. She fielded just four questions, but by definition, it was a press conference. Pressure from the Breitbart audience and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump flushed the Democrat presidential nominee out into public, where she will continue to field softballs from the fawning liberal media, but will also have to answer tough questions from real journalists relevant to determining her ability to occupy the White House. The Clinton campaign had planned to “run out the clock” by shielding #HidingHillary from unscripted questions and situations not carefully controlled by her campaign. However, just one week after Breitbart News unveiled the #HidingHillary clock — counting down the time to the second since her last real press conference in December 2015 — she emerged from more than nine months of hiding and held a presser: Meanwhile… — Raheem Kassam (@RaheemKassam) September 5, 2016 While Clinton was hiding, questions about her health, private email server, handling of classified information, the Clinton Foundation, Clinton Cash, and compentency to serve as President of the United States are just a few of the controversies that have lingered. Now that