Blue State Blues: Keep Calm, and Let Trump Be Trump

Blue State Blues (Breitbart)
Donald Trump is down big in the polls — after a week that ought to have lifted his presidential prospects. First, the Orlando terror attack proved his warnings about Islamic terror to be correct, sadly. Then, Hillary Clinton — whom he shamed into saying, finally, “radical Islamism” — tried to exploit the attack for Democrats’ gun control agenda, a gambit that has backfired repeatedly. Next, President Barack Obama himself lost his temper at Trump, temporarily uniting Republicans behind their likely nominee. Trump’s only stumble was to suggest that Obama might secretly be on the terrorists’ side: “He doesn’t get it — or he gets it better than anybody understands.” The media pounced on that remark — which, while offensive, is no worse than Obama’s claim last year that Republicans were making “common cause” with the Iranian regime, the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world. (Hillary Clinton had no objection to Obama’s attack then — in fact, she joined in Obama’s talk of treason.) Still, there is panic among some Republicans, with opportunistic politicians and pundits in safe-red or safe-blue states stating that they cannot support their party’s nominee (after the party made him sign a loyalty pledge). There are also deep worries about Trump’s