Clinton Wades In: Urges Britain to Remain In European Union

HIllary Clinton
White House hopeful Hillary Clinton has waded into the Brexit debate, throwing her weight behind President Obama’s advice that Britain should remain within the European Union (EU). President Obama has endured criticism for telling the British people that they would be better off remaining within the Union, and threatening them with loss of American trade should they dare to vote to Leave. But former secretary of state Hillary Clinton is not one of those critics. Rather, sources close to her campaign say she stands fully behind President Obama’s opposition to Brexit. In a statement to the Observer, her senior policy adviser, Jake Sullivan, said: “Hillary Clinton believes that transatlantic cooperation is essential, and that cooperation is strongest when Europe is united. She has always valued a strong United Kingdom in a strong EU. And she values a strong British voice in the EU.” Obama departs the UK for Germany today, where he will be greeted by thousands of Germans protesting against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). In a riff on his famous campaign line, they will hold banners proclaiming: “Yes we can – Stop TTIP!” But he leaves behind a furious backlash against the statements made during his British trip,