CNN: Hillary Clinton Lead Drops Despite Clinching Nomination

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (L) and Republican challenger Donald Trump are both among those named to the world's 100 most influential people by Time magazine
A new poll from CNN/ORC finds Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by five points. Two weeks after clinching the Democrat nomination, Clinton has 47 percent support against 42 percent for Trump. At the beginning of May, though, Clinton led Trump by 13 points in CNN’s polling. Her support has dropped from 54 percent then to 47 percent today. The CNN poll at the beginning of May provided a snapshot of the race as both presumptive nominees were still locked in fights for their party’s nomination. Since that poll, Trump locked up the Republican race in early May, and Clinton wrapped up her fight two weeks ago. During that time, also, the economy suffered a set-back with a terrible May jobs report and an Islamic jihadist attacked a nightclub in Orlando, killing 49 people. Hillary faced a damning Inspector General’s report on her use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State, and Trump embroiled himself in a controversy over pending lawsuits against his eponymous Trump University. Several members of the Republican establishment publicly withheld their endorsements of Trump in the wake of the dust-up. The end result, after an extraordinarily noisy two months, is that Trump’s support