Dan Rather: Bossie Appointment to Trump Camp ‘Has To Be a Great Concern’ For Clinton, ‘Should Be Worried’

Journalist Dan Rather speaks during A Conversation With Dan Rather on Day 3 of the 23rd Annual Hamptons International Film Festival on October 10, 2015 in East Hampton, New York.
On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” former CBS anchor Dan Rather stated David Bossie’s appointment as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s Deputy Campaign Manager “has to be a great concern for the Clinton camp.” Rather said, “Well, with this Mr. Bossie becoming a major character, this has to be a great concern for the Clinton camp. This guy is a professional political hitman, and he’s very effective at doing it. And I’ve been saying for some time this campaign is going to be as nasty as a frat house bathroom on New Year’s Eve, and here’s further proof positive. But the Trump forces and Trump himself, they feel that they’re moving, and the polls indicate that. The Clinton polls have been inching backwards, and the Trump polls have been sort of surging forward, and I think they see a real chance to score here. They think a combination of the emails, the Clinton foundation, the global initiative — the Clinton Global Initiative, and just any dirt they can get. you’re going to see more of this as they go. and by the way, i think this ups the ante for the coming debates. There are going to be three