Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton Wants Power for One Reason, ‘To Protect Her Donors and Take Their Money’

HRC and Buffet AP
Donald Trump addressed a packed house at a rally in Bedford, New Hampshire Thursday afternoon where he blasted Hillary Clinton, whom he said is “there for only one reason: to protect her donors and take their money.” “Hillary Clinton  is an insider fighting only for herself and her donors. I’m an outsider fighting for you,” Trump said, contrasting himself with his rival for the presidency. “Follow the money,” he continued, hitting on a theme that has been central to his criticism of Clinton. “The large corporations who support terrible trade deals… they’re donating to Hillary Clinton. It’s called follow the money,” Trump continued. “The special interests who want open borders are donating to Hillary Clinton. Just follow the money,” he added. Trump also criticized Clinton for the contempt she shows average, everyday Americans. “Hillary Clinton slanders you as deplorable and irredeemable. You don’t look deplorable, irredeemable to me,”  Trump told the cheering crowd. “You look like hard working patriots,” he added. Trump also poked fun at the sparse crowd Hillary attracted in the state on Wednesday. “Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had very few people at their rally [here in New Hampshire] yesterday. That’s because they don’t like Hillary, and