Donald Trump’s ‘Star of David’ Just Punked the Media into Spreading an Attack Ad for Free

If you read establishment or left-wing political news this weekend, you know the big story is that Donald Trump obviously made a big mistake by tweeting an anti-Semitic meme — an iconic Hillary Clinton campaign photo in front of piles of cash, next to a Star of David. He’s under fire from the press, Republicans have nothing to say in his defense, and he’s sending out erratic statements denying that the shape is a Star of David. But what if that’s not what happened at all? What if Trump sent out something patently offensive to a couple hundred journalists who are Verified on Twitter — so they would blow up its reach to an audience that might not take such great offense? He’s done it before. Right now, the Clinton campaign is boasting of spending money to define Trump with advertisements in battleground states. But where are those ads going? Television, where ads are increasingly irrelevant thanks to Netflix and DVR? Radio, for the people who don’t have an aux input in their cars? Trump, whether intentionally or not, instead sent out an attack ad to social media, where most voting-age people get their news. And he did it without spending a cent. And