EXCLUSIVE: Jackie Mason Skewers Sanders: ‘He Hates Israel Because He’s Ashamed to be Jewish’

Jackie Masopn
TEL AVIV – Bernie Sanders continues to elevate opponents of Israel and pushes forward with his own criticism of the Jewish state, but comic legend Jackie Mason is having none of it. “I don’t believe anybody in America really knows the degree of hate that he has for Israel,” Mason told this reporter in a radio interview on Sunday. “And the press somehow is shielding him from any information about it. Because it’s a Democratic Party press.” Mason was speaking during his regular segment on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and NewsTalk 990 AM in Philadelphia. Sander’s latest slight came with the candidate’s appointment to the 15-member Democratic Party platform committee of two proponents of the boycott Israel movement. This after appointing numerous anti-Israel advisers to his own campaign. Sanders also has slandered Israel with the lie that the Jewish state killed “over 10,000 innocent people” during the 2014 Gaza War, and wrongly claimed Israel bombed “hospitals” during that defensive war aimed at diminishing Hamas’s rocket attacks on Israeli civilian population centers. Mason contended that Sanders “hates the state of Israel.” “While he denies it and says he supports Israel’s right to exist,