Fact Check: Robby Mook Lies About Clinton Cash Donations on ‘The View’

Robby Mook Getty
Appearing on ABC’s The View on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook falsely asserted that all donors to the Clinton Foundation are public. When host Whoopi Goldberg asked if “all the information on the donations” has been made clear, Mook replied, “All the donations are public.” “They know where the donations went, who they came from, what they did, so those are not in question? That’s all there? All the money that she’s earned, where it came from?” Goldberg pressed. “It’s all public, yep,” Mook insisted. As Donald Trump’s presidential campaign pointed out with an instant fact check, this is not entirely accurate. For one thing, the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, a Canadian operation run by Bill Clinton’s friend Frank Giustra, is not required to disclose its donors to tax authorities under Canadian law. It’s not even clear exactly how much money this partnership has taken in. A few of the CGEP donors were named after press scrutiny in 2015, but at least a thousand of them were not disclosed. The Hill reported on September 1st that the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership “sent more than $25 million of largely untraceable donations to the Clinton Foundation before being pressured into revealing some of