FARAGE FOR BREITBART: Trump Stole the March on Brexit and Now Hillary’s Floundering

I can now see where Hillary gets it from. Her assault on me and the politics of Brexit after my appearance alongside Donald Trump in Jackson, Mississippi shows that the Democratic establishment just can’t face the facts.  After President Obama’s condescending approach to the UK electorate during our referendum, in which he told us that Brexit Britain “would be at the back of the queue” for any trade deal, he now appears to be in denial. At the G20 summit in China, President Obama now tells us that we got it wrong and that we are behind the rest of the European Union in terms of trade priorities. What a way to treat your oldest and closest ally. I suspect the British public will now view him as an object of contempt. Given that Trump was clear about Brexit both during and after the campaign, I can now see this issue being a real political football between now and polling day on November 8th. Either you support the existing global elite or you want real change and believe in nation state democracy. Perhaps Obama and Clinton have done us all a favour.  MRS MAY BLINKS Although I never wanted Theresa