February Flashback: Ann Coulter Says ‘Democrats Don’t Indict Democrats’

In an exclusive interview back in February, best-selling author Ann Coulter told Breitbart News that the Obama administration would not indict Hillary Clinton over the national security scandal involving her use of an insecure private server for her emails while Secretary of State. Breitbart News interviewed Coulter at a Donald Trump rally held in Milford, New Hampshire on February 2. “No, there’s not going to be an indictment,” Coulter told Breitbart News at the time. “Not going to happen, over,” the conservative pundit added. “I haven’t been paying attention to her particular law breaking but I know Democrats,” Coulter said. “Democrats do not indict Democrats,” she added. “Maybe these will be famous last words, but it wasn’t that long ago that Senator Joe Lieberman was on the Senate floor denouncing Bill Clinton for more astonishing and open felonies than we’re talking about with Hillary and–whoa!—in the end, you couldn’t even get one United States Senator to vote to remove Bill Clinton after an impeachment,” Coulter noted at the Trump rally in New Hampshire five months ago. On Tuesday, FBI Director James Comey said that upon the completion of that agency’s investigation of Clinton’s use of unsecure private servers for her emails