Fox Poll: Hillary Clinton Loses Half Her Michigan Lead in a Month

Hillary Clinton has lost half of her Michigan lead over Republican nominee Donald Trump, according to the latest Fox 2 Detroit/Mitchell poll. The poll, taken Sept. 6 to Sept. 7, showed that 940 likely Michigan voters favored Clinton over Trump by 5 points. That’s just half of her 10 percent lead in a head-to-head Fox poll conducted Aug. 9 to Aug. 10. In a four-way race Clinton lost a similar share of support, dropping from an 11 percent lead to just 6 percent, in the most recent Fox poll. The four-way race includes Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein. “Trump has cut Clinton’s support in half in a two-way race and almost in half in a four-way race,” said Steve Mitchell, CEO of Mitchell Research & Communications. In the four-way race, Clinton only dropped one percent from a month ago while Trump gained six percent. The two third party candidates both lost support, Johnson dropped from 9% to 7% while Stein went from 5% to 1%. Although Clinton is still in a strong position, the race in Michigan has tightened as result of Trump running a more disciplined campaign and Clinton’s ongoing email problems. “Undecided” voters dropped