Franken: RNC ‘Ugly’ Convention ‘Spewing Hate,’ an ‘Extension Of The Candidate’

Thursday on MSNBC’s coverage of the Republican National Convention, Senator Al Franken (D-MN) declared the convention to be “the ugliest convention” he had ever seen and said it was “an extension of the candidate.” Franken said, “This is the ugliest convention I’ve ever seen and it’s really an extension of the candidate, of the nominee. Here’s a guy whose whole campaign started with ‘Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers’ and ‘John McCain’s not a war hero because he got captured,’ and ‘I saw on TV Muslims, thousands of Muslims in New Jersey cheering when the World Trade Center went down,’ and on and on. There’s too much to chronicle and so it’s probably not surprising that you see a convention in which there’s so much spewing of hate—’lock her up, lock her up,’ and worse. A lot worse. You know, we will at our convention I’m sure say some stuff about Trump, but I’m sure, one, it will be all true and, two, there will be a lot more about Hillary and what she plans to do.” He continued, “And let me tell you, I’ve known Hillary for about 22 years. She is the hardest working person I know. She is —