GW Law Prof: ‘The Public Interest Would Be Served’ By Appointing a Special Counsel for the Clinton Foundation

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Kelly File,” Constitutional law attorney and George Washington University Law School Professor Jonathan Turley stated that “the public interest would be served” by appointing a special counsel into the Clinton Foundation, and that no one can objectively look into the Associated Press’ report into the Clinton Foundation “and not believe that there is a serious problem here.” Turley said, “I don’t think anyone can objectively look at the Associated Press report and not believe that there is a serious problem here. I mean, you have a great number of people that have business with the State Department giving money to the foundation, some pretty [disreputable] people doing so, and gaining what appears to be special access. And then you have this revolving door, or dual role in one case, of someone who might have been employed by the foundation and State Department at the same time, which, by the way, is colossally stupid, to have anyone in that role. But all of that creates a foundation for these allegations of, to — whether you have a pay to play scenario, and I think that it deserves investigation.” He added, “The Department of Justice has