Hillary Clinton Shows Up Late to College Event, Says This Is ‘One of the Strangest Elections’ Ever

Bernie with Hillary AP
Hillary Clinton kept a small crowd waiting Wednesday at the University of New Hampshire where she, alongside Bernie Sanders, gave a lackluster speech about helping college students. Before Clinton showed up, a local blonde woman tried to rile up the crowd with a ranting feminist speech, declaring, “I am a woman! And I’m pretty good at it. How many of y’all are good at it?” “I don’t care if you’re doing it in the morning, doing it in the evening, or taking a break in the middle of the day for a quickie. Y’all gotta get out there and vote,” the woman said, noting that there is “nothing sexier” than voting. The woman said that Donald Trump “doesnt think much of our minorities and he certainly doesn’t think much of women…Don’t let Donald Trump or any other jerk tell you you’re not beautiful.” Clinton and Sanders finally showed up at 3:13 PM, though the event was supposed to begin 58 minutes earlier. After clapping awkwardly to the feminist anthem “Fight Song,” Clinton segued into an uninspired speech. “Isn’t this one of the strangest elections you’ve ever seen? I sometimes really don’t know what to make of it,” Clinton mused. Throughout