Hillary Refuses to Say Husband Will Step Down From Foundation If She Is Elected President

In a preview of an interview set to air Wednesday night, CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton if her husband former President Bill Clinton would step down as head of the Clinton Foundation if she is elected president. Clinton touted the Clinton Foundation’s work, but dodged on two occasions on whether or not Bill Clinton would step aside. Partial transcript as follows: COOPER: Trump has said he is clearly going to focus on the Clinton Foundation. Last night said and I quote, the Russians, Saudis, Chinese all gave money to the foundation and got favorable treatment in return. The foundation has raised huge sums of money for worthy causes. It hasn’t always been transparent. Tens of thousands from a Canadian partnership with donor that was secret, another from Algeria not submitted to State Department for approval. Will your husband divest himself of any association with the foundation? CLINTON: Well, Anderson, we’ll cross that bridge if and when we come to it. Let me try to set the record straight. We had absolutely overwhelming disclosure. Were there one or two instances that slipped through the cracks? Yes. But was the overwhelming amount of anything that anybody gave