Hillary: We’re Not Holding People Accountable For Hiring Illegal Immigrants, Which Creates ‘Unlevel Playing Field’

Hillary looks over APPaul Sancya
During an interview with Vox’s Ezra Klein that took place on June 22 and was released today, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton argued that while it doesn’t displace a “big” amount of jobs, “if you are employing undocumented workers, and no one is holding you accountable, which we haven’t, we haven’t enforced those laws in a very comprehensive way, then it’s easy to undercut the market.” Hillary began by saying that “[I]mmigration has been and continues to be good for our economy.” She also touted “comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship” as “good for our economy.” She later stated, “I don’t want to mix that with other kinds of changes in visas, and other concerns that, particularly high-value technical companies have. In fact, I think keeping the pressure on them helps us resolve the bigger problem, and then we can look to see what else, if anything, can and should be done.” Hillary added, “The many stories of people training their replacements from some foreign country are heartbreaking, and it is obviously a cost-cutting measure to be able to pay people less than you would pay an American worker.” Hillary also argued, “[T]here is an unlevel playing