Howard Dean: I Was Only Suggesting We Think About If Trump Uses Cocaine

howard dean
Tuesday on MSNBC, while discussing his tweet during last night’s debate saying Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump may be a “coke user” because Trump sniffed several times, the former Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean doubled down, saying “I’m suggesting we think about it.” Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user? — Howard Dean (@GovHowardDean) September 27, 2016 Partial transcript as follows: KATE SNOW: So, following a bunch of sniffles, Governor Dean, you wrote on Twitter, “Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?” Why did you go there? HOWARD DEAN: You can’t make a diagnosis over the television. I would never do that, but he has some interesting — that is actually a signature of people who use cocaine. I’m not suggesting that Trump does, but — SNOW: Well, you are suggesting it, actually, in a tweet. DEAN: No. I’m suggesting we think about it. Here’s the interesting constellation. So, he sniffs during the presentation, which is something that users do. He also has grandiosity, which is something that accompanies that problem. He has delusions. I’m not talking about being crazy, but, for example, when he told everybody it was very smart not to pay taxes and then