Kristol: It’s Not Too Late for a Third-Party Candidate to Start a Campaign

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol argued it was still feasible for a third-party candidate to wage a presidential campaign. Kristol said, “I think the public deserves an alkternative. I think Clinton and Trump are unusually unfavorably viewed by the public, which offers a political opportunity as well as I think a substantive opportunity for the country for someone to set forth to do the right thing for the country. The only way which is too late is there are two state deadlines for getting on the ballot that are pretty close, Texas to North Carolina. The next one is June 27th. All this talk about it is impossible, it’s impossible. It is difficult but it is not impossible. And I think the legal challenge in Texas North Carolina would succeed. In the ’80s they challenged a few states for having too early of a deadline. Those challenges succeeded.” “People are looking at that legal challenge right now,” he continued. “There is also the possibility of getting  on the ballot of a small party that’s already on the ballot in North Carolina and Texas. The Reform party in particular. I think it is more doable than