Kristol: Trump Knows Deep in His Heart He Shouldn’t Be President

Friday on MSNBC, while discussing Monday night’s upcoming presidential debate between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol said Trump knows “deep in his heart he shouldn’t be president of the United States.” Partial transcript as follows: STEPHANIE RUHLE: Joining me now is Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard. As I said, the heat is on, but Donald Trump is painting this picture, eating cheese steaks, chilling out, adding another rally on Saturday night. Do you believe it? Do you believe this easy breezy Donald Trump is showing up, or do you think behind the curtain, though there’s been nothing official said, there is a Roger Ailes, you know, scheming, figuring this all out? BILL KRISTOL: There is plenty of scheming, I’m sure Roger actually is one of the people talking to Donald Trump and he will give him good advice. I don’t know—all 100 million people watching, the presidency on the line, Donald Trump knowing deep in his heart he shouldn’t be president of the United States. maybe Donald Trump will just choke. Wouldn’t that be interesting? RUHLE: Hold on. Why on earth, let’s be honest, do you think Donald