Limbaugh Mocks Daily Caller’s Weinstein for Proposal of a ‘Negotiated Republican Surrender’

Wednesday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh had to say he was not joking or kidding when discussing a “Daily Caller,” article by Jamie Weinstein that actually proposed a “negotiated Republican surrender” to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Rush said, “Does the name Jamie Weinstein ring a bell?  He is a reporter for the Daily Caller. He’s the boyfriend of the female reporter supposedly shoved to the ground by Corey Lewandowski, Michelle Fields. Anyway Jamie Weinstein has a piece in the Daily Caller suggesting that the Republican party approach Hillary Clinton and negotiate a surrender and actually concede the presidential race her right now.” Talking to his producer, Rush insisted, “No, no, no, I’m not joking! The headline, ‘The Case For A Negotiated Republican Surrendered to Hitler — Hillary’—sorry It was a faux pas. ‘It’s time for Republican leaders to consider a negotiated endorsement of Hillary Clinton.’ That’s the lead. And his point is Trump’s going to lose and even if Trump wins, Hillary’s better. Hillary would be less damaging to conservatism then Trump is going to be. And maybe — he actually says this — now look at me — actually says that