Limbaugh Rips CNN’s Gergen, ‘Clinton Cash’ Critics for Calling Book ‘Discredited’

Wednesday on his radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh questioned CNN’s David Gergen for his assertion that Breitbart editor at large Peter Schweizer’s book “Clinton Cash” had been discredited following a speech in which presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had widely cited the book. Limbaugh pointed out that other major media outlets had used it in their reporting and that it was possible Gergen was making the assumption that it had been discredited without actually having any evidence to back it up. Partial transcript as follows: Look, I know this has been a speedy search.  I can’t find anywhere where the Peter Schweizer book “Clinton Cash” has been “discredited” like David “Rodham” Gergen said, and he just said it like everybody knows it’s been discredited.  Now, I think people in the Clinton camp like David “Rodham” Gergen — and I really believe this. I think they are so in love, I think they are so hitched to the Clintons — I think they’re so attached; I think they are so, so, so devoted — that they don’t even know.  And because they’re so devoted and because they think so highly of themselves, they don’t think it’s possible.  “All this stuff in the Schweizer