Maher Mocks Claims Clinton-Lynch Meeting Was Innocent, 30 Minutes Is ‘A Long Time To Be Talking About Your Grandchildren’

On Friday, HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher mocked claims that the meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton only discussed weather and grandkids and said, “to spend 30 minutes, that’s a long time to be talking about your grandchildren.” Maher said Hillary “had some trouble at the airport with her baggage, and when I say her baggage, I mean her husband.” He continued, “Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who was at the airport in Phoenix, who was part of a national tour on — to promote community policing, and Bill Clinton was at the airport because that’s near where all the strip clubs are. And Clinton saw the attorney general’s plane across the tarmac, so he boarded her plane to talk, as one does. We all jump off our planes onto the tarmac to say hello to friends on other planes, right? I mean, so, now it’s a big scandal, because Attorney General Lynch, of course, is the person deciding whether to indict Hillary Clinton for the ongoing email investigation. So of all the planes to pop onto, this was the wrong one for Bill Clinton.” Maher further stated, “Now, Bill says that the conversation with