Military Aid to Israel Will Increase Under a Trump Administration, Says Advisor

TEL AVIV – As the Obama administration and Israel continue to negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding to govern military aid to the Jewish state, Donald Trump adviser David Friedman told an Israeli news channel on Wednesday that Israel would receive a better aid package under a future Trump presidency. “Our view is that the aid package to Israel will certainly not go down, it in all likelihood will go up in a materiel amount because Israel must maintain a technological and military superiority within in the region,” Friedman told Israel’s Channel 2. “I can’t give advice on how Israel should bargain and how it should develop its own strategy but certainly the Trump administration is not looking to cut back on foreign aid and will in all likely hood increase it significantly,” he stated. Some have recommended that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wait until after President Obama’s term in office expires to finalize the renewal of a 10-year defense package. Friedman’s comments come on the same day Trump launched a blistering attack on Hillary Clinton’s foreign and domestic policies. Trump said Clinton’s actions as secretary of state “opened the Pandora’s box of radical Islam” even while she “refuses to acknowledge