New Emails Show Clinton Aides Worried About Security, Frustrated with Her Habits

Hillary Hands over Blackberry AP
The latest trove of Hillary Clinton emails released by Citizens United reveals that the former Secretary of State’s top aides were well aware her email practices were a security risk. There are also some new exchanges showing Clinton aide Huma Abedin dealing with Clinton Foundation issues while working from the State Department. During Clinton’s trip to Russia in October 2009, Abedin emailed others at the State Department to let them know the Secretary and her staff would not be carrying their Blackberries, which were patched into the now-infamous homebrew server. As Fox News reports: “Want to make sure DC is aware that those of us in the Russia traveling party will be leaving blackberries on the airplane once we tough down in moscow tonite [sic],” Abedin wrote. When an aide noted that her address should work if Russian officials are taking their BlackBerrys away, Abedin responded: “Its for security reasons. I don’t want to use that one either.” Politico adds that Abedin forwarded a similar heads-up to “top Clinton Foundation official Doug Band and others, including Hannah Richert, a director at the Clinton Presidential Center; Oscar Flores, manager of the Clintons’ Chappaqua, New York, home; Jon Davidson, Bill Clinton’s deputy