NYC Pharmacy Slaps Male Shoppers with 7% ‘Man Tax’ to Fight Gender Inequality and Trump

man tax chemist
A Manhattan pharmacy has begun charging its male customers an extra 7 percent “man tax” as a protest against gender-based income inequality as well as a political move to promote Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. The architect of the scheme is Thompson Chemists owner Jolie Alony, who claims that the tax helps level a playing field that is tilted against women. It also makes a political statement in support of women generally, and the Democratic Party in particular. “We thought it’d be a great idea with all the political things going on—with Clinton being such a woman and the other guy and his womanizing,” Alony said. The SoHo pharmacy posted two signs in the store’s front windows Monday announcing the new policy. A pink sign in one window reads, “New store policy: All Female Customers Shop Tax Free,” while a blue sign in the other window, reads “All Male Customers Are Subject to a 7% Man Tax.” She also referred to the so-called “pink tax,” the extra amount women are reportedly charged for certain products or services, such as dry cleaning, personal care products and car maintenance. Added to income disparity, Alony said, the pink tax places an undue burden