Obama, Democrats Ignore Own Disaster Response Advice; Could Cost Clinton Black Votes

In 2005, erstwhile talented rapper Kanye West made the following claim at the end of an otherwise incoherent rant during a live fundraiser for the victims of Hurricane Katrina: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”. Fast forward 11 years, when over three times as much rain has fallen on Louisiana, and you will see a news media doing their best to ignore the Obama administration’s fecklessness during a similar time of strife, and a central government response that in and of itself has been underwhelming and deleterious to public confidence. Of course Katrina was never about black or white people. And nor is this no-named storm. But if it must be – if you force it to be with statements here and now or 11 years ago – then we must surely be able to proclaim the same of Barack Obama and his Democratic Party: they do not care about black people. Unless it means votes, of course. And as crass as it might be to imply it at a time when many are living in shelters and worried about loved ones: this is why the establishment media has been so slow to call out the Democrat president on