Paul Krugman Is Nearly Always Wrong

Paul Krugman, number-one opinion page editorialist for the New York Times and professor of (macro) economics at NYU, is really nothing more than a limousine liberal, champagne hatchet man for the Clinton’s. He should be seen for what he is, the most vocal supporter of Hillary for President. He goes out of his way in offending Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, calling both of them “delusional”. Krugman has himself become very accomplished at one thing, namely: name-calling. Paul Krugman won a Nobel Prize in economic science in 2008 for his earlier work on trade theory. He actually served in a junior position briefly on the Reagan Council of Economic Advisors — something he often hides. Nowadays, he is a leftist puppet that no longer uses economic science, preferring instead, inflammatory rhetoric. Krugman has been decidedly wrong about the 1990s where very little shared prosperity was generated. He has been wrong about supply side feedbacks and about the benefits of globalization (unless you believe in the elevation of China’s development). He selectively chooses statistics (liars figure) instead of admitting that there has in fact been no boom for ordinary people. The numbers show that wages were flat in the 1990s for the