Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton Calls For Background Checks To Fix ‘Gun Epidemic’

During the September 26 presidential debate Hillary Clinton said America has a “gun epidemic” and called for background checks to fix it. She also called for adding the terror watch list to background checks in hopes of keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists. Three observations: First, regarding background checks, Clinton did not mention that we already have them and almost every mass public attacker–and alleged attacker–of recent memory passed one to acquire their weapons. Those include: the UCLA gunman (June 1) the Colorado Springs attacker (October 31, 2015) the Umpqua Community College attacker (October 1, 2015) Alison Parker’s attacker (August 26, 2015) the Lafayette movie theater attacker (July 23, 2015) the Chattanooga attacker (July 16, 2015) the alleged Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal attacker (Jun 17, 2015) the Muhammad Carton Contest attackers (May 3, 2014) the Las Vegas cop killers (June 9, 2015) the Santa Barbara attacker (May 23, 2014) the Fort Hood attacker (April 2, 2014) the Arapahoe High School attacker (December 13, 2013) the D.C. Navy Yard attacker (September 16, 2013) the Aurora movie theater attacker (July 20, 2012) Gabby Giffords’ attacker (January 8, 2011) the Fort Hood attacker (November 5, 2009) the Virginia Tech attacker (April 16,