Schweizer Blasts CNN, NBC for Not Investigating Clinton Foundation Cash

Thursday on Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Company,” Breitbart editor at large and “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer said he was “shocked” networks like CNN and NBC will not investigate presumptive Republican presidential nominee Hillary Clinton receiving millions for the Clinton Foundation. Schweizer said, “I think everybody gets money and politics is a problem and whether you talk about Wall Street or big oil, and they give money to politicians because they are expecting something in return. With the Clintons it’s not any different. The problem with the Clintons is the amounts are larger because you have speaking fees, and the foundation, which other politicians don’t have, but second of all it’s foreign money. It’s not Americans trying to get favors or beneficial action from the American government. It’s now foreign entities. If they want us to all suspend belief and say people are giving them hundreds of millions of dollars and not getting nothing in return, I guess they can make that argument. The American people are more sophisticated than that.” He added, “I did two chapters in the book on this Russia uranium deal. Donald Trump talked about in his speech. The New York Times actually took our