The Nuclear Option: Hillary Clinton Campaign Becomes ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’

Sure, it looked like a scene out of Weekend at Bernie’s. At first glance, anyway. Strange purplish sunglasses concealing dead, hooded eyes. Pantsuit as vibrant as a sack of spoiled potatoes tipped against a bollard. Helmet of hair toggling as aides hoist and jostle her feet-first — one shoe on, one shoe off into the security van with tinted windows. The pre-Clinton era slapdash attempted-comedy is not nearly as funny as it was unforgettable for its utterly unbelievable and ridiculously goofball plot. Basically, a couple of guys have to prop up their dead boss and make him look alive for an entire Labor Day weekend at a Hampton’s beach house. If they fail, the employees will lose their jobs and face criminal prosecution for the intricate financial swindle their boss has been playing. You can see how Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and all the Clinton employees from Teneo Corporation to the State Department would all feel more than comfortable filling roles in a remake of Weekend at Bernie’s. Perhaps the strongest comparison between Hillary Clinton’s 9/11 weekend and Weekend at Bernie’s is how unfunny they both are. But there are real problems with the whole analogy. Weekend at Bernie’s