Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Hits Back at Hillary’s for-Profit College ‘Scam’

Thursday on CNN’s “Situation Room,” senior adviser to presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump Stephen Miller offered a robust defense to Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s recent attacks on Trump University and Trump’s foreign policy experience. Miller argued it is the Clintons who have participated in a for-profit education scam, saying,”The only scam in education that I am aware of is the scam of Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton at Laureate University, where Bill Clinton was paid millions of dollars—where Secretary Clinton was funneling money to this university.” Partial transcript as follows: WOLF BLITZER: Let’s get more from senior adviser to Donald Trump, Stephen Miller, Thanks for joining us. STEPHEN MILLER: Great to be here. BLITZER: Were you surprised by the blistering attack from Hillary Clinton as far as Donald Trump is concerned, she says he can take the U.S. down a truly dangerous path and called him temperamentally unfit to be president of the United States. what was your reaction? MILLER: Well, not surprised, no, because like everything Hillary Clinton does, it was carefully core i don’t see graphed and scripted in advance. Hillary Clinton’s decision to try to make the election a referendum on foreign policy is probably the worst decision