Trump Bludgeons Clinton on Trade; Forces Her to Defend NAFTA

during the Presidential Debate at Hofstra University on September 26, 2016 in Hempstead, New York.  The first of four debates for the 2016 Election, three Presidential and one Vice Presidential, is moderated by NBC's Lester Holt.
During Monday night’s first presidential debate at Hofstra University, Donald Trump put Hillary Clinton on the defensive over the critical issue of international trade — eventually forcing Clinton to actually defend NAFTA and her husband’s globalist trade policies of the 1990s. At one point, Clinton appeared desperate to move on from the issue of trade, which has been a point of vulnerability for her, declaring, “Let’s not assume that trade is the only challenge we have in the economy.” During the fiery exchange, Trump explained that Clinton has had 30 years to fix the nation’s trade policies: All you have to do is look at Michigan and look at Ohio and look at all of these places where so many of their jobs and their companies are just leaving. They are gone. And Hillary, I’d just ask you this: you’ve been doing this for 30 years, why are you just thinking about these solutions right now? For 30 years you’ve been doing it and now you are just starting to think of solutions… I will bring back jobs. You can’t bring back jobs. Clinton replied, “Well, actually, I have thought about this quite a bit… I think my husband did a