Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Told Goldman Sachs ‘Bombing’ Iran a Viable Option

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster
In a 2013 discussion with Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton argued that the only way to contain a belligerent Iran would be to “bomb their facilities,” referring to nuclear facilities that a future nuclear deal would temporarily shut down. When Blankfein challenged Clinton, noting that exclusively aerial assaults of aggressor nations have never stopped a war in history, Clinton agreed, arguing that the Iranian problem is too complicated and no one has come up with a better solution. The conversation occurred in June 2013 at the Investment Banking Division (IBD) CEO Annual Conference and has been made public through the organization Wikileaks. Neither Clinton nor her campaign have denied the veracity of these speeches, released late last week. Amid a range of topics, Blankfein asks the former Secretary of State about the threat that Iran presents to both regional and global stability. “You know how we would like things to work out, but it’s not discernable to me what the policy of the United States is towards an outcome either in Syria or where we get to in Iran,” he says, asking Clinton to clarify. After an extended answer on the current situation in Syria (at the time, the Syrian Civil