​​It’s Time to Lift The Crude Oil Export Ban

Hillary Clinton’s energy “vision” is a throwback to yesterday, with more spending and big-government mandates that fail to embrace American’s energy revolution. So how can we usher in a 21st Century energy agenda? We can start by eliminating government-imposed barriers to energy production and economic growth.

A prime example is the outdated ban on exporting crude oil, which was imposed by President Nixon in the 1970s. Lifting the ban could create hundreds of thousands of jobs, boost wages, and lower gas prices in America. It would also strengthen our national security by asserting our global leadership and undercut dangerous regimes like Iran and U.S. foes like Russia that use energy as a weapon against America’s allies.

I believe we must immediately lift the bureaucratic crude oil export ban, as one component of a 21st Century, pro-growth energy agenda that embraces America’s energy revolution and gets government out of the way of innovation.

-Marco Rubio

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