Clinton’s Energy Agenda Is Stuck In The 1990s

Hillary Clinton’s energy and climate agenda is a throwback to yesterday, before the 21st Century energy revolution that is making America the world’s greatest energy producer.

Clinton would do nothing to stop the EPA’s assault on energy, choosing instead to defend job-killing rules from the Obama Administration. Her plan ignores common-sense solutions like approving the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would create thousands of jobs. Her plan would continue wasteful and inefficient energy tax subsidies. Perhaps worse of all, her plan completely fails to embrace innovative technologies that have lowered energy costs for millions of Americans.

Hillary Clinton’s energy “vision” is more of the same: outdated policies that pick winners and losers, grow the federal government, and make energy more expensive for Americans. Marco believes in a 21st Century energy agenda that embraces all forms of energy, including oil, coal, natural gas, and renewables, and that cuts burdensome regulations from Washington that are standing directly in the way of American innovation.

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