America is blessed with abundant energy resources. Thanks to new technology and innovation, our country is poised to become the world’s energy superpower even as our emissions have been declining. If we harness our energy potential in the right way, and let innovation flourish, we will ensure that energy is affordable for consumers and families, help businesses grow and create jobs, protect our environment, strengthen our national security, and increase America’s influence around the world.

Affordable, reliable American energy has sparked a manufacturing renaissance, enabling America’s small businesses to compete in the global economy. We must take full advantage of our energy potential. Marco has long opposed big-government efforts to take over our energy economy, like a cap-and-trade program that would amount to a massive energy tax.

Marco’s priorities:

Optimize America’s Resources

  • Empower States and Tribes to Control Onshore Energy Development Within Their Borders
  • Rewrite the Obama Administration’s Flawed Five-Year Offshore Drilling Plan
  • Immediately Approve the Keystone XL Pipeline
  • Defend U.S. Interests in International Climate Negotiations
  • Bolster the Energy Security of U.S. Allies

Minimize Government Bureaucracy

  • Create a National Regulatory Budget to Limit the Power of Unelected Regulators
  • Stop President Obama’s Carbon Mandates
  • Expose the True Costs of Environmental Litigation to Taxpayers
  • Simplify and Improve the Environmental Review Process

Maximize Private Innovation

  • Reform Our Outdated Higher Education System to Support Energy Jobs of the Future
  • Facilitate Private-Sector-Led Development of New Technologies
  • Overhaul the Tax Code and Cut Taxes for Business of All Sizes

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