Florida Water

We have many different water problems plaguing our great state. The problems are complex and widespread. There is no “silver bullet” or easy fix. But that’s not to say there is no way of dealing with it.

The conditions we have are at an emergency level—whether President Obama believes so or not. It is affecting our beaches, our canals; tourism is down, charter fishing is down—it’s a big economic impact. And it’s had an impact on at least 161 cities across the state.

The single biggest thing we can do is to pass the Central Everglades Planning Project, which will send clean water to the south. It would be the biggest step we’ve taken in nearly two decades.

There is no time to waste—especially considering the severity of this problem.

That is why I am 100% focused on the Water Resources Development Act bill—which will authorize the Central Everglades Planning Project—due for a Senate vote in September.

I promise to keep you informed of any developments

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