Lessons From Obama’s Deal With Iran

Originally published on FoxNews.com (7.29.15)

In April, President Obama announced the framework of a deal that he said would prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

“We only have three options for addressing Iran’s nuclear program” — cutting a deal with Iran, “starting another war in the Middle East” or “hope for the best.”

In deploying his favorite rhetorical device, the president reaffirmed to the world he only really saw one option: cutting a deal with Iran no matter the cost.

If after witnessing six years of President Obama’s weak and feckless foreign policy wasn’t enough to embolden the regime in Tehran, President Obama’s comments in April must have convinced the mullahs they had the American president right where they wanted him.

The price for President Obama’s penchant for negotiating from weakness is now clear. The deal announced with much fanfare by the White House two weeks ago comes nowhere close to the deal President Obama promised the American people he’d get.



President Obama’s capitulation has made it more difficult, but not impossible, to prevent a nuclear Iran. He has failed with Iran because he has failed as president. This may be the best deal that a weak president can achieve, but a strong, trusted and respected America can do much better.

Those who aspire to lead the greatest nation on Earth cannot wait until 2017 to begin making the case for a new approach toward this critical issue to the American people, and the world.

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