Patrick Murphy Said The Sequester Made Our Defense “Stronger”

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VIDEO: Murphy: “I believe that our defense will be stronger” due to sequestration and other cuts. MURPHY: “I’m going to be careful how I say this … But it’s always being recorded. Because of some of the realignment in really a large part of our government because of the sequester and other previous cuts that had been made in other negotiations – you know, the President has agreed to about 1.6 trillion in cuts over the next decade so there are already cuts in place and now the sequester is additional cuts. And through that, specific to defense, I believe that our defense will be stronger because we are now having to prioritize where the money is being spent. And part of what Leon Panetta presented was something that I believed for years, that things change. We have to keep up with the times. And our military, in a large part, is living in a Cold War era mentality. He basically said we will not really have another war where we are storming the beaches of Normandy mentality. It’s going to be special ops. It’s going to be intelligence. It’s going to be cyber warfare. It’s going to be drones. It’s going to be all sorts of new warfare that we never would have imagined 40, 50 years ago. So because of that, now our leaders have to prioritize where the spending is going to go. I think that is going to make us stronger at the end of the day. Right now, it’s going to be tough but I think that if we look back 5 years, 10 years, we’re going to say, you know what, hopefully, keep your fingers crossed, we actually prioritized the money to cyber terrorism, to special ops, that sort of thing. And I think that will make us stronger as a country. So, well see, I’m an optimist always though. So we’ll see what happens.” (Rep. Patrick Murphy, Remarks At America’s Impact, Washington, D.C., 2/28/13) (Min.18:18-19:56)

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