President Obama’s Destructive Climate Plan: Another Bad Deal

Today, President Obama meets in Paris with leaders from around the world to discuss what he and other leading Democrats consider possibly the gravest threat to our national security. Not ISIS, or Russia, or Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon, or China’s aggressive posturing in international waters, or even North Korea’s nuclear weapons — but climate change.

While international dialogue is an important step in addressing global challenges, President Obama is proposing to give away the store in order to reach an agreement that will have no meaningful effect on climate change.

For starters, the president’s promise to reduce U.S. emissions is based on the enactment of the illegal Clean Power Plan, which will increase energy costs and kill jobs throughout the country. He has also committed billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to the “Green Climate Fund,” which developing nations will ostensibly use to mitigate the effects of climate change but which has no serious checks on how the money is used. And in return for wasting taxpayer money, killing American jobs, and stunting our economic growth, President Obama is likely to get a deal that allows China and other developing nations to continue polluting for years, with emissions caps that aren’t legally binding on the signatories. Of course, this is not surprising coming from the administration that negotiated the disastrous Iran deal.

Like the Iran deal, President Obama seems intent on signing onto a flawed agreement without buy-in from the American people. That is why I have joined with several of my colleagues in calling on President Obama to submit any climate agreement reached in Paris to the Senate for its constitutional advice and consent. We also requested that the lead U.S. negotiator make clear to his counterparts that Congress does not support President Obama’s position, and will not approve any funds related to the agreement without the opportunity to ratify it.

As president, I will undo Obama’s illegal carbon mandates, ensure that any climate agreement impacting the American economy is approved by Congress, and promote the responsible development of American energy resources to power our economy and provide affordable energy for consumers while protecting our environment.

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