Privileged Patrick Continues to Stumble Through His Campaign

The Democratic Party machine has pulled out all the stops to save the terribly flawed Patrick Murphy in his primary. Maybe they had no choice, because Alan Grayson was even more flawed. But what the Democratic establishment is now left with is a candidate with the worst record in America, and one who is going to be a tough sell to Florida’s general election voters.

• Patrick Murphy isn’t accountable to Florida voters. He has led a life of privilege and is out of touch with the everyday Floridians he is supposed to represent. At only 33 years old, Murphy occupies a congressional seat after winning a campaign largely funded by his father, and received a “gift” of up to $5 million in company stock from his father after winning the seat. Patrick Murphy hasn’t been held accountable for his own actions either. Patrick drunkenly assaulted a police officer, and spent his twenties in a cushy job given to him by his father as others were being laid off.

• Patrick Murphy is a serial resume-padder. He lied about college degrees, he lied about his career as a CPA and small business background. Patrick was ranked least effective member of Congress.

• Patrick Murphy is dangerous for national security. He voted for the Iran deal, he wants to close Guantanamo Bay and he wants to have the Export-Import Bank make loans to countries that sponsor terrorism.

It is glaringly obvious that Patrick Murphy is a terribly flawed candidate, who can only win if he is showered with an unprecedented mountain of cash from national Democrats and his own family members. When the truth about Murphy’s record becomes known, even all those millions won’t be able to bail him out.

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