Rubio: State Department Should Bar Clinton Clearances

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “The Real Story,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said that after FBI Director James Comey’s announcement that there will be no federal charges against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, but her handling of classified information was “extremely careless,” she should face consequences for violating State Department rules. Partial transcript as follows: GUILFOYLE: This was compelling, significant legal news yesterday. Came as quite a surprise to many when you saw the director laying out quite extensive charges and facts detailing misuse and abuse and certainly security violations on behalf of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her staff. Your thoughts? RUBIO: Well what a lot of people don’t realize is beyond the criminality or non-criminality of this there is the issue of  State Department rules.The State Department has rules. And it has clearly detailed there are sanctions and punishments for violating those rules. I promise you this, if what we know Hillary Clinton and her staff did, and if it had been anybody else in the State Department  they would have been punished. And it would have gone to revoking their secutiy clearances, to being fired and to everything in between including long term non paid suspension